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Aquatic Escapes Aquariums, L.L.C.

Quality aquarium installation & maintenance performed by 
professionals who care for your aquarium as if it was our own.

Custom Aquariums

Aquatic Escapes offers custom designed and installed aquariums. If you have a spot where an standard aquarium will not fit, or would like an aquarium customized to fit into your decor Aquatic Escapes can work with you to design the perfect aquarium for your needs. Examples of custom aquariums include in-wall aquariums, aquariums built in to bookcases, island style aquariums, room dividers, tables and more. We can also install seahorse aquariums and unique jellyfish displays.

 Have ever wanted an aquarium that will be the envy of anyone who sees it? Custom aquariums designed by Aquatic Escapes are pieces of "living art" that captures the eye of everyone who enters the room. If you have an idea for an aquarium, we can help you make that dream aquarium a reality.  

 Aquatic Escapes has experience working with interior designers and contractors, and can create the aquarium you have always dreamed of for your home or office. Custom aquariums are each unique and designed with your needs and desires in mind. We incorporate all of the filtration needs in a hidden design that makes your aquarium "living art" that is effortless to maintain. Get in touch with us today so that we can begin making your dream aquarium a reality!